Become an authorized user and watch your credit score skyrocket!

An authorized user card could give your credit score the boost you’ve been looking for!
Your credit scores are significantly based on factors such as the age of your accounts, the payment history and the reported balances as they relate to credit limits (the lower that percentage is, the better).
If you need an immediate increase in your score, you may want to ask a family member or loved one to add you as an “authorized user” to one of their credit cards. There is really no risk to the individual who would be doing you this favor because they DO NOT have to have a card issued out to you. All they have to do is call their credit card company and request that you be added as an authorized user. They will need to provide the credit card company with your name, social security number and date of birth. Once the authorized user account has been created,  your credit report will show the account’s information, including all of the factors that I mentioned above. So you would immediately get credit for a long and good payment history and a low balance. If you have excellent credit and want your kids to benefit from a great credit score, you can add them as authorized users to your accounts.
Most credit card companies, with few exceptions, will simply add authorized users at the card holder’s request.
This in combination with removing negative and inaccurate items is a great way improve and MAXIMIZE your credit scores.

Keep in mind that being added as an authorized user can have its drawbacks as well.  For example, you do not want to be added if the primary account holder has been late recently or their balance is too high.  If these factors are present on the primary account holder’s account, then you can bet it will reflect on your credit report as well and certain to have a negative impact.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized user along with affordable credit management and restoration, allow Credible Concepts to assist you.  We have one of the best programs available simply because you only pay for results! Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 1-888-610-5366 today!

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