How many points are your late payments costing you?

Okay Guys…. Time for a little math. Credit Scores range from 300 to 850. This means that there are 550 points that you can either gain or lose. (850-300=550) I hope you guys are still with me.
Payment History accounts for 35% of your credit score. Why? Glad you asked! They want their money ON TIME! Plain and simple

So what does this mean? Well lets do the numbers.>> (550*.35=192.5). That means that your payment history has direct effect on 192.5 points. That means that if you were to lose all points in this category coming from a perfect score you would drop from an 850 to a 658. Big difference right?

Paying your bills on time not only helps your score, but it saves you money. A 10 point increase in your credit would save you $100,000 in interest on a 30 year mortgage for 500,000. Either way you look at it…. Late Payments Cost You. 

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