Is your goal is to purchase a home in 2017? If so…you really should be reviewing all 3 of your credit reports.

Here’s why… creditors are not required to report to all 3 credit bureaus.

If you’re not reviewing all 3 of your credit reports – you could be caught by surprise.  When you meet with a mortgage loan officer, he or she will review all 3 of your credit reports (often referred to as a tri-merge report. This is why you need to be reviewing the same accounts that he or she will be looking at.

Don’t be caught by surprise!

Purchasing a home is a large investment, so we encourage you to make a “small investment” to make sure you are not faced with any discouraging surprises.  DON’T WAIT until you’re sitting in front of a loan officer to review your credit reports.
Try our recommended 3 Credit Report Monitoring Service for 30 days for just $1 by clicking here.  If you like it (and we believe you will), we have negotiated a special rate of $19.99 per month instead of the normal rate of $29.99 per month.  This small investment can help you make sure there are no surprises when it comes to your home buying process!

If you use a free credit monitoring service.

Free monitoring services can be good for certain things; however, when it comes to buying a home – buyers beware!
Most free credit monitoring services only provide 1 or 2 credit reports. This means that you are not seeing your complete credit picture. And, the information on the reports can often be inaccurate and sometimes misleading.  As the saying goes… you get what you pay for.
For example; most free monitoring services provide partial or no account #’s to reference and they often found reporting accounts that should not be reporting (and vice-versa).  They often report inaccurate information such as unpaid collections when the accounts have actually been paid.
We (Credible Concepts) have witnessed this first-hand with our customers and clients who have counted on free services only to be disappointed when they were denied a mortgage loan.  They didn’t understand why until we explained it to them. This is why it’s worth it to make a small investment in a high quality 3 report credit monitoring service and why we are recommending this one to you.
Again, try our recommended 3 Credit Report Monitoring Service for 30 days for just $1 to see if it works for you by clicking here.

If you are interested in affordable credit management and restoration, allow Credible Concepts to assist you.  We have one of the best programs available simply because you only pay for results!  Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 1-888-610-5366 today!

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